Perkins Travel, an American Express Travel Services Associate, has been providing
corporate clients with the best hotel rates in the industry for many years.  Perkins Travel secures the lowest rates through the utilization of the following:

The Worldwide Select Hotel Program from American Express–“the best value discount program in the industry”.
Our Apollo CRS exclusive “Inside Availability”.
Client travel spending analysis and vendor negotiations



Perkins Travel uses the Worldwide Select Hotel Program from American Express.  This corporate program is unparalleled and designed to serve the needs of individual business travelers as well as our client companies.

The program includes over 3,200 hotels in more than 100 countries and over 680 cities worldwide.  These hotels are located in every major business destination as well as many secondary markets.

Among the participating hotels, 8% offer American Express Exclusive Rates.  No other agency will receive a rate equal to or lower than the Exclusive Rate.  The Worldwide Select Hotel program utilizes a representative cross-section of hotels to fit a variety of client travel policies and budgets.  In the 1996 program, 60% of the U.S. hotels offered a Select Rate less than or equal to $100.



Perkins Travel, an American Express Travel Services Affiliate, has been providing
corporate clients with the best hotel rates in the industry for many years.  Perkins Travel secures the lowest rates through the utilization of the following:

Discounts of up the 45% off standard corporate rates with U.S. hotels, offering an average 14% discount.
Last oom availability.  Our Select Rates provide guaranteed ast room availability.  As long as run-of-the-house rooms are available, the Select Rate will be offered unless black-out dates are specified in advance.  (Hotels may not designate more than 30 black-out days per year).
Flat Rates.  Single room rate applies for either single or double occupancy usage.
“Price Promise”.  A commitment from the American Express elect Hotels to never knowingly be undersold.  If an available “promotional rate” is lower than the Select Rate, the traveler should receive that lower rate upon check-in.
“No Walk” Agreement.  If an American Express business traveler has a guaranteed reservation and a room is not available upon arrival, the Select Hotel will pay for one three-minute long distance phone call, one night at a comparable hotel, and provide and pay for transportation to that hotel.
Value-Added Service/Amenities.  A number of Select Hotels offer special rates combined with a package of added benefits complimentary to American Express travelers.  These hotels offer
complimentary breakfast as well as at least 2 of the following complimentary benefits:  priority upgrade, late check-out (4 p.m. or later), early check-in (from 8 a.m.), incoming faxes, ocal calls, access to credit card calls, food and beverage discount (at least 20%) suit/dress pressing (1 item per stay), airport or downtown shuttles, parking health facility or indoor/outdoor pool access.
World of Savings Brochure.  A brochure listing over 550 Select Hotels offering superior savings at business-oriented hotels around the world.  These hotels offer an average savings of 21% with some hotels offering savings of over 45%.



At Perkins Travel, we utilize the Apollo Computer Reservation System (CRS) to process all reservation requests.  One of the reasons we have selected this system is for the advantage of finding the best hotel rates and availability for our clients Apollo’s exclusive “Inside Availability” provides unparalleled access to 28 major chains’ live room and rate information for measurably lower hotel rates and higher traveler satisfaction.  Other CRS systems do not provide inside access to so many hotel chains.

Our staff can directly access the same availability and rate information that the hotel staff view on their screen.  This can  provide your traveler with the last room in a hotel at the best rate offered–including our exclusive American
Express negotiated hotel rates.  Using any other CRS system to find rooms and rates as compared to Apollo may increase a company’s hotel costs.

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