Perkins Travel has been providing corporate clients with the best hotel rates in the industry for many years.  Perkins Travel secures the lowest rates through the utilization of the following:

Our Apollo CRS exclusive “Inside Availability”.
Client travel spending analysis and vendor negotiations


At Perkins Travel, we utilize the Apollo Computer Reservation System (CRS) to process all reservation requests.  One of the reasons we have selected this system is for the advantage of finding the best hotel rates and availability for our clients Apollo’s exclusive “Inside Availability” provides unparalleled access to 28 major chains’ live room and rate information for measurably lower hotel rates and higher traveler satisfaction.  Other CRS systems do not provide inside access to so many hotel chains.

Our staff can directly access the same availability and rate information that the hotel staff view on their screen. Using any other CRS system to find rooms and rates as compared to Apollo may increase a company’s hotel costs.

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